Look…I’m an artist too.

I work with them, relate to them, and have spent enough time around them to know they are VERY different breed. They are the free thinkers, creatives,  passionate, and the powerful. They seek to capture the incredible and kindle forest fires of inspiration in others. They have vision. They have drive.

…but they don’t always have the technical know-how to get there. And that? I think that’s ridiculous.

So I built a course for the writers among them

I was invited to give a seminar to writers on how to build websites. That material became the bedrock for this course. However, going in, there was one thing I didn’t know. And that one thing terrified me: How technically inclined was my audience?

Streamlined material

The only thing that made sense was to design a course that could handle super-tech-savvy gurus and ‘what’s this thing next to my computer doing with a tail?’ types. So I landed on videos that go fast without skipping steps. I want you to hit pause when you need to. I want you to rewind if you need to, but if you don’t – then I won’t waste your time forcing you to sit through a video long after you’ve ‘got it’.

But then I paired those fast (but complete) videos with text that moves slow for those who desire an exhaustive explanation and need the deep-dive-nitty-gritty of what’s going on. I think it works well to adapt to your learning pace lesson-by-lesson.

And why else?

Are there a lot of WordPress courses out in the wild? Yes.
Do they cover quite a bit of this material? Probably.
Do they cover this stuff:

  • Where WordPress fits in the WWW
  • The shadow side of site-builders
  • How Self-Hosting Works
  • Domain Privacy Protection
  • cPanel basics (like…what it is)
  • MailChimp integration
  • Diving into the Jetpack plugin
  • Setting up your site with rock-solid security
  • Comprehensive look at the WordPress Dashboard
  • How to use the same tools developers use
  • Thinking like a programmer

and...themes, users management, how to get your business email to play nice with your gmail account, and importing from other blogging platforms (like Blogger).

I don’t know. This one does.

I hope you have a blast building your own platform. It’s your voice. It’s worth being heard, and these are some of the first steps you’ll take towards ensuring that it does.

Shatter the silence,

Avery White

Course Information

Estimated Time: 15 Hours

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

Avery White Avery White Author

Follower of Jesus, in love with my wife, called to writing, passionate about WordPress

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Getting your bearings…because the Internet is a big place.


cPanel Basics

WordPress Dashboard – Intro

WordPress Dashboard – Settings

WordPress Dashboard – Content

WordPress Dashboard – Appearance

WordPress Dashboard – Recommended Plugins (Free)

WordPress Dashboard – Users

WordPress Dashboard – Tools

Okay, now what!?